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Duovorm E-tail Group collaborates with you to achieve the optimal outcome for your home improvement projects. Stocking over 10,000 products, we accommodate both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in realizing their undertakings. Duovorm E-tail Group comprises of multiple shops, allowing us to cater to diverse sectors with our premium project essentials. Each of these shops is specifically tailored to bring the vision you have for your project to fruition. Complimentary to our substantial range of high-quality products is our premium expert support that is given by our specialists.

Due to the fact that Duovorm E-tail Group encompasses various specialized shops, we are equipped to be of service for a variety of industries. Moreover, it is inconsequential whether your project is still in its early stages or if it is on the verge of completion, our shops will provide solutions for every phase of the project at hand.

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At Duovorm E-tail Group, our sense of responsibility surpasses our own walls. Responsible business practices goes beyond our own organization and extends into our environmental values. Therefore, great importance is placed by us on growing in a socially responsible manner. Keeping an eye on the environment, community and humanity. But how do we specifically achieve this type of growth?  How do we make this happen? Sustainability is reflected in our environmentally friendly packaging, social organization and sustainable range.

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Working at Duovorm is open to everyone. At Duovorm E-tail Group, we stand firm in our beliefs that diversity and inclusivity are the cornerstones of success. In our team, everyone feels a sense of belonging and each individual is seen as an asset to the E-tail Group. Our team comprises of individuals with diverse backgrounds and goals, reflecting our commitment t o equal opportunities.

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With immense pride, we can announce that we have been nominated for the Groninger Ondernemingsprijs 2024! With this nomination, we find ourselves among the very best companies in Groningen. Dozens of fantastic enterprises have preceded us and have had the honor of winning this prestigious award.

Together with 9 other top companies, we embark on a unique and exciting journey. The coming period will be filled with interviews, photoshoots, and various gatherings leading us to the grand finale.

We can't wait to share this special journey with you!