Employment opportunities

Working at Duovorm is open to everyone. At Duovorm E-tail Group, we stand firm in our beliefs that diversity and inclusivity are the cornerstones of success. In our team, everyone feels a sense of belonging and each individual is seen as an asset to the E-tail Group. Our team comprises of individuals with diverse backgrounds and goals, reflecting our commitment to equal opportunities.

Career development at Duovorm E-tail Group

At Duovorm E-tail Group, we continue to prioritize providing you with the opportunities you need for your personal development. We therefore work together with you towards the goals you aspire. We regularly engage with our team members to identify areas where we can support them in achieving their objectives. As previously mentioned, working at Duovorm E-tail Group is open for everyone and we keep this principle close to our heart. Therefore, we also present opportunities for individuals with disabilities to discover and develop their talents, this greatly contributes to our company. In this way, we strive to create a future where everyone feels included and has the opportunity to excel.

Internships at Duovorm E-tail Group

If your school or education track offers you the opportunity to gain practical experience at a certified company, we would also like to welcome you at the Duovorm E-tail Group! With our various shops and two physical locations, there is always an internship opportunity that suits your education, interests and assignment. Discover how a large warehouse organization operates, join the activities of our account managers, or learn more about the communication tasks involved in our webshops. At Duovorm E-tail Group you will be able to find internships that fit your specific educational background, regardless of level or year of study. In this way, we hope to provide young talent with an initial platform towards a successful career.


Open positions at Duovorm E-tail Group

In the following part you will be able to find an overview of the positions we would like to fill, perhaps with your talent. If currently there is not a vacancy on the list that fits your talents, feel free to send an open application to us. You can do so by emailing your cover letter, CV and the position you are interested in, to: anneke.hemmen@duovorm.nl.