We ensure that every craftsman finds the right brand for their project with the extensive range of top products that we carry at Duovorm E-tail Group. The brands that are represented in our assortment align with the values we swear by. In this sense we solely offer products and tools of the highest quality. To illustrate, we enjoy the privilege of being the sole Dutch distributor of the brand Floor Fix Pro.

Alongside some well-established brands in the field of handymen, you can also find two in-house brands Duovorm E-tail Group offers: Duovorm and Qerato. Our house brands cater to craftsmen seeking a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

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Our house brand collection ‘Duovorm’ comprises of various tools and accessories that are specifically created for the furniture hardware category. In this sense you might want to think of our utility knives, blinds, various types of dill bits, stair nosing profiles and screws. The Duovorm collection is known for its supreme quality, while at the same time maintaining its affordability. This collection takes pride in safeguarding security and enjoyability for every craftsman.

floor fix pro

"Whether it's resolving squeaks, closing gaps, or fixing subfloor issues, Floor-Fix Pro offer remarkably simpler and more cost-effective solutions."


Specifically for our tilers we offer our in-house brand ‘Qerato’. The main focus of Qerato is simplifying tiling tasks. Moreover, the collection includes a wide range of tile levelling systems, diamond discs, tile drills, polishing discs and many other professional tiling tools. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that you will also be able to find smaller tools, such as utility knives, under the Qerato brand.