Sustainability / CSR

At Duovorm E-tail Group, our sense of responsibility surpasses our own walls. Responsible business practices goes beyond our own organization and extends into our environmental values. Therefore, great importance is placed by us on growing in a socially responsible manner. Keeping an eye on the environment, community and humanity. But how do we specifically achieve this type of growth?

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our top priority is unmistakably to ensure that orders are delivered to our customers secure and undamaged. However, great emphasis is placed on guaranteeing that our packaging is environmentally friendly. This manifests in for example utilizing boxes of varying sizes, concretely ensuring that orders are never shipped in unnecessarily large boxes. This directly means that we use less cardboard to package the product, while at the same time reducing the amount of packing material that is used to protect the products during transit. Furthermore, throughout the whole organization we strive to minimize plastic waste. Any plastic that is received through supplier packages is reused for packaging customer orders and excess plastic within the premises is sent for recycling. One office secret is that the collected deposit refunds actually go towards doing something nice for the team. Recycling is truly a win-win situation here.

Social organization

At Duovorm E-tail Group everybody is given a chance. On the one hand this means that we are always open to new relationships, but on the other hand we also value our diverse team. We emphasize our desire that all team members feel that they can seamlessly integrate into society. Concretely, we achieve this by providing opportunities for people that experience barriers to the job market. A diverse team, filled with people from all backgrounds are a driving factor behind the Duovorm E-tail Group.

From local to international

We ensure that Duovorm E-tail Group is valued as a socially responsible and sustainable organization, where there is not only a focus on the large scale endeavours but also on local initiatives. The E-tail Group is actively involved in the community by offering internships and opportunities which aim to encourage and develop young talents. In addition to this, it is of great importance to support local sports clubs and community initiatives.

Sustainable assortment of products

We are of the opinion that our customers should be able to have access to sustainable products. As a consequence, we carry a multitude of brands that are actively engaged in sustainable production. For instance, Hermeta is Cradle to Cradle certified and Blum has been putting great effort in reducing its brand’s environmental footprint for years. Moreover, our shops feature products that are made from materials that are proven to be extremely durable, such as stainless steel furniture hardware. In addition, we also carry products made from natural materials like wood. Our own Duovorm products also are made with sustainability in mind. For instance, our Duovorm blinds are FSC certified and our wooden dowels have a PEFC certification.