Our shops

“We have the right material for every project.” We always satisfy this affirmation through our online shops, which each cater to a specific niche in the industry, ensuring top-notch results every time. The subsequent list aims to sum up all shops that are part of the Duovorm E-tail Group.


Are you interested in constructing your own furniture, interior designs, or gardens entirely from scratch? Or would you merely like to replace a part that no longer functions property or does not fit your esthetic anymore? MeubelbeslagOnline is fully equipped to help you easily find the right furniture, interior, garden and marine fittings. Our objective is to make way for high-quality, safe and fast at-home projects. Our extensive collection of products, divided in the aforementioned categories, aids in achieving the right finish for your endeavour. As a substantial player in the replacement market, we assist more than 100,000 customers annually in finding the correct parts. In this sense, you might think about our extensive range of hinges, drawer slides, complete drawers, cabinet organization systems and furniture handles for indoor, outdoor and even marine applications. We proudly represent top brands such as Blum, Hettich, Salice and Grass at Meubelbeslagonline.


KlusOnderdelen allows you to find high-quality furniture hardware and kitchen components. This shop offers a wide range of categories that assist you in finding the right parts for your at-home renovation projects. Additionally, at KlusOnderdelen you will be able to find top brands such as Blum, Hettich, Salice and Grass. Only the absolute best is good enough for your project. This statement aligns with the supreme products and tools that we offer through KlusOnderdelen.


A strong partnership with Rubi Benelux allows us, as the exclusive distributor of this brand, to supply you with all Rubi products. We undertake this with our TegelzetShop, where you can find the complete range of Rubi products. As renowned Rubi distributor in the Netherlands, TegelzetShop can provide you with tile cutters, tile saws, trowels and measuring tools from this top-notch brand. TegelzetShop is also able to help you with repairs of Rubi products and can assist you in supplying parts for Rubi products.


At TegelgereedschapShop, our products are designed to facilitate your tiling projects with the utmost convenience. TegelgereedschapShop is able to provide you with tools of a quality that even seasoned tilers will appreciate. From tile cutters to tile drills and from trowels to tile saws, you will be able to find everything you need to make your specific tiling project a success. Rubi, Carat, Raimondi and Floor Fix Pro are a valued part of the brands we carry at this shop.


In order to deliver premium-quality tiling tools to the German market, our shop Baupin was established. Baupin is a German shop that mirrors the assortment of TegelgereedschapShop. However, the main divergence between the two is that Baupin is fully focused on serving our German customers. German (business)customers can order all essentials needed for their tiling purposes with great ease on Baupin. Considering that Baupin is closely related to TegelgereedschapShop, Rubi, Carat, Raimondi and Floor Fix Pro are also leading brands on this site.


The levelling systems we keep in stock at LevellingShop will allow you to achieve perfect tiling results for all your wall and floor tiling projects. At LevellingShop, to ensure the ideal finish for your tiling designs we engage with the different tile thicknesses and grout widths. Renowned brands in the tiling industry have designed tile levelling systems, all of which you will encounter in our assortment at LevellingShop. In concrete terms, Qerato, Raimondi, Rubi and FixPlus are all part of our collection at LevellingShop. Moreover, our shop also carries tools appurtenant to the levelling systems.


Our shop TegelboorShop represents the best brands when it comes to tile drills. The tile drills are suitable for drilling holes in tiles of various materials, including natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles and other hard tile types. TegelboorShop specializes in diamond drills, which are offered both individually and in sets. The collection encompasses top brands such as Qerato, Raimondi, Rubi and FixPlus.


At Scharnierwinkel, you'll discover the highest quality in furniture fittings and kitchen components. Our store offers an extensive selection of categories to help you find the perfect parts for your DIY renovation projects at home. Moreover, Scharnierwinkel features top brands such as Blum, Hettich, Salice, and Grass. Only the absolute best is acceptable for your project. This commitment reflects the superior products and tools we provide at Scharnierwinkel.