About us

Duovorm E-tail Group collaborates with you to achieve the optimal outcome for your home improvement projects. Stocking over 10,000 products, we accommodate both DIY enthusiasts and professionals in realizing their undertakings. Duovorm E-tail Group comprises of multiple shops, allowing us to cater to diverse sectors with our premium project essentials. Each of these shops is specifically tailored to bring the vision you have for your project to fruition. Complimentary to our substantial range of high-quality products is our premium expert support that is given by our specialists.

Duovorm E-tail Group for various industries

Due to the fact that Duovorm E-tail Group encompasses various specialized shops, we are equipped to be of service for a variety of industries. Moreover, it is inconsequential whether your project is still in its early stages or if it is on the verge of completion, our shops will provide solutions for every phase of the project at hand.

DIY and renovation

From minor home improvements to wholly remodelling a boat or undertaking great renovation projects, we provide every DIY enthusiast and craftsman with everything they need to realize their vision. Our products range from furniture hardware to specialized tools, making all home renovation projects feasible and successful.

Cabinetmakers, kitchen builders and interior designers

True craftmanship can only be achieved by making use of high-quality furniture hardware and specialized tools. Therefore, to facilitate your success, we eagerly support your projects! Our wide range of specialized tools and materials allow us to bring your unique and tailor-made projects to life.

Tilers and flooring specialists

The art of tiling demands precision and quality. Our shops supplies tilers and flooring specialists with an extensive range of tiling tools, levelling systems and many other resources. From amateur tilers to experienced handymen, the Duovorm E-tail Group will, both literally and figuratively, lay the foundation for every tiling project.

Duovorm E-tail Group for hobbyists and professionals

Experience has taught us that the best quality materials should not be stowed away to only be used by the professional handymen. Therefore, our shops are not only aimed at professionals but also at hobbyists. However, due to the premium quality of products we offer, professionals will also feel quite at home at our shops. With various options available, we ensure that everybody can achieve the best results. Our ability to cater to both small and large operations is exemplified by the fact that with us you always have the choice between ordering in bulk or per piece.


Our mission, vision and core values

Duovorm E-tail Group will provide you with all the information, materials and tools you would need for your projects. We are an established platform for every type of craftsmen in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our mission can be elucidated as the following:

“To enhance the ease of repairment projects and to improve the outcome of home renovation projects that are completed in and around the home.”

In addition, per diem we work alongside our partners, suppliers and customers towards our vision:

“To flawlessly execute all projects in and around the home.”

Despite housing a multitude of shops, which offer the best tools and materials, under the E-tail Group; the everlasting focus continues to be achieving the best end result. An end result that supports our core values: customer orientation, passion and social responsibility.

Dedication and social responsibility

At Duovorm E-tail Group, we can proudly describe ourselves as an organization that is dedicated to our customers. However, we also do not forget our people and our environment. This dedication is reflected in our quality products and excellent service. Because we are able to examine every industry from through the lens of our own experience, we understand the particular needs of each of these industries. Accordingly, we are proud to contribute to any project, however big or small they might be. In similar vein, we put great emphasis on providing our services while keeping in mind the social responsibility we bear. Duovorm E-tail Group also presents opportunities to people that experience barriers from the labour market. Moreover, we believe that offering a platform for talent development and facilitating a connection to local sports clubs and the community as a whole is of great importance. Therefore, we continue to be aware of our social responsibility and we remain dedicated to carrying out our social responsibility.

Market approach

As a recognized and valued partner in the market Duovorm E-tail Group is able to offer that little bit extra that you might be looking for. We are, for instance, the only Dutch distributor of the growing brand Floor Fix Pro. Moreover, we are one of the three meticulously selected Häfele partner shops, giving us a premium selection of products. Additionally, our strong connections in the tiling industry have led us to become one of the largest Rubi dealers in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, these examples are just a small part of the great selection of brands and products we carry and distribute. This has earned us a market position based on trust and quality, of which we are proud every day.